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panther concepts’ mission is to illuminate important subject matter and make the world a little brighter and richer with the right questions, fresh ideas and a large portion of creativity.

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Visual enhancement

Looking for attractive ways of making material easier to understand for yourself and others? Visualized information promotes creativity, addresses the emotions and leads to better understanding. When working with groups, the use of material on formats from A4 to large format is ideal for participation and recording results. For presentations, a wonderful way of increasing the visibility of your material is the inclusion of visualized digital outlines, or “sketchnotes”. I can offer you a customized solution to fit your situation.

Business illustration

Business illustration

With my illustrations you can sum up your complex product or service with appealing simplicity. The customized graphics are particularly well suited to use on your website or in print media such as postcards and flyers. They can be digital or on paper, whichever you prefer. According to your requirements, we will agree on when and how you want to inspire your target audience. In consultation with you, I will create a concept for the implementation of the design and first drafts. This will give your unique final illustration that wow factor.


Using visuals for yourself

As needed, I can take you through a visualization course in which you try out the basics and develop and design your first icons and templates for yourself. You will learn how to inspire your audience with just a few strokes of the pen. We can also happily take a look at your own working practice and create appropriate visuals to present your material persuasively. My textbook/notebook Punkt Punkt Kreis und Strich - Ein Handbuch für gezeichnete Notizen (“Dot Dot Circle and Line – A handbook for sketched notes”) helps you learn and practise how to create successful visualizations.

Profile and what you can expect

With many years of project management experience in the field of professional training and experience in developing concepts, I can help you implement your project successfully by providing the right inspiration. Thanks to my training, I can ask you the right questions to get to the heart of the solution you are looking for.

I have always used quick sketches in my personal and professional life. During my studies, I practised speed reading. I succeeded in summarizing each of the books I read for my master thesis as a mind map. Over the past few years I have attended excellent courses by Cara Holland and Christina Merkley, where I refined my drawing skills and worked on all kinds of different ways of using visualizations in project and company contexts. Since then, I have been employing a whole range of design techniques for marketing, graphic facilitation and business illustrations. Each time I am delighted at how many new ideas, viewpoints and solutions the pictures generate.

What you can expect: Our work together will be characterized by appreciation, openness and clarity. I will give you lots of inspiration, commitment and visual material. And we will certainly make things tangible. You will maintain your success and I will support you in that.

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